Tensile Structure

Tensile Structure

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Established with a view of producing various kinds of tensile shades and structures, we are working based in Delhi. Processing the excellence in designing the architectural design structure, our specialized and proficient team of intellectuals is trained to offer the best customer service.

Tensile structure is the building blocks of the tension of membrane to offer various designs of roofing. This is a new and innovative idea of structuring for multiple roofing methods. These are usually soft, light, translucent, and long-lasting structures that will take less time in construction. This tensile structure will be suitable for all walkways, entrance, exhibition, stadium, swimming pools, retail, hotels, roofing and other places.

Features of Tensile Structures

  • Flexible Design Aesthetics
  • Lightweight Nature
  • Outstanding Translucency
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Excellent Durability

Features of Tensile Structures

  • Architectural And Technical Textile For Tensile Architecture Solutions
  • Technical Membrane For Suspended Ceiling
  • Technical Membrane For Roofing
  • Technical Membrane For Liners
  • Technical Membrane For Hanging Ceilings
  • Coated Fabrics For Industrial Halls
  • Coated Fabrics For Event Halls
  • Technical Membrane Structure For Modular Industrial Construction
  • Tensile Membrane Structure For Solar Protection
  • Tensile Membrane Structure For Textile Facades
  • Tensile Membrane Structure For Restaurants
  • Technical Membrane Structure For Shelters

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At Thetensilestructure.com, we manufacture a wide range of tensile that will be suitable for the various applications. So, for all the applications you can approach us, and we assure you that we shall offer you the best tensile.

Tensile Structure
Tensile Structure
Tensile Structure
Tensile Structure

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