Tensile Structure Material in

Tensile Structure Material in

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Material Used : Steel, PVC Coated Fabric

Built Type : Panel Build

Fabric Use : PVC Coated Polyester Fabric / PTFE Coated Glass Fabric (permanent structures only) / ETFE Foils (permanent structures only) / PVC Glass Fabrics

Fabric Brand Name : Ferrari Tensile Fabric, Mehler Tensile Fabric, Sieon Tensile Fabric, Haytex Tensile Fabric, Sattler Tensile Fabric, Sprech Tensile Fabric (all are imported from European Manufacturer)

Price : Starts from: Rs.200/ square fit (depends upon your structure and what type of fabric you are using)

PVC and PTFE Properties:

  • Extremely superior quality
  • Excellent materials
  • Can disperse light and create shade
  • Waterproof
  • Can span huge distances unsupported
  • Have self-cleaning properties
  • Can block UV rays

Tension Fabric Forms and Shapes such as-


Tensile Structure

Single cone, multiples cones, fixed edges, caternary edges, cables edges, height variations, inverted cones etc.


Tensile Structure

Two opposing high points and two opposing low points.

Arched Vault:

Tensile Structure

Parallel arches and crossed arches.

Application : Stadium, Food Court, Amphitheatre, Swimming Pool, Basketball Court Canopy, Terrace, Badminton Court, Boxing Rink, Sports Complex, Skylight/ Atrium's, Walkways, Car Park, Entry Canopies, Gymnastics Arena, Sales Pavilion, Toll Plaza Canopies, Express Way/ Airport/ Freeway/ Hanger Canopy (Canopies) Gazebo, Courtyard / Atrium Tensile Canopy, Resorts, Clubhouse, event tents, Canopy Tensile Petrol Pump, Exhibition Canopy, Wedding Lawn / Wedding Hall Tensile Structure Material in

Tensile Fabric Structure Design Ideas –

Tensile Structure
Tensile Structure
Tensile Structure
Tensile Structure

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